Systematic Kinesiology FAQs

What to expect during a physical Systematic Kinesiology Treatment

A medical/lifestyle questionnaire will be forwarded to you to complete & return prior to your first appointment in order that the treatment can be tailored to your individual needs & circumstances.

You will remain fully clothed throughout the session. I will however ask you to remove your shoes before you recline on the treatment couch. Your arms & legs will then be placed in specific positions according to the muscle being tested, which will be determined initially from the information provided in the questionnaire, a light pressure will be applied against the muscle (see my Gallery section for examples)

The major muscles of the body will then be tested systematically. It is not the strength of the muscle that is being tested but the response to the pressure being applied so your physical fitness will have no bearing on the outcome.

These muscle tests provide bio feedback from the body in a binary form like an on/off switch & from this it is possible to continue to test the circuit of a muscle which is not “firing” properly to determine exactly what protocols are required to “switch” it back on, thereby correcting any imbalance within this circuit, whether that be by working structurally, nutritionally, emotionally or energetically, a whole tool kit of techniques can be applied working on this same principal to create a bespoke treatment which is just right for you as an individual.

What to expect during an on-line systematic Kinesiology session

If you are booked for an on-line session I will still send you a medical/ lifestyle questionnaire to complete and return prior to you firsr appointment in order that the treatment can be tailored to your individual needs and circumstances.

At the start of the treatment I will make an energetic connection with you & then I will use a surrogate muscle of my own to test to test the reactions to different points in your body. I will ask you to mirror the points I touch during the consultation to enhance the assessment and subequent treatment.This still works on the principle of a binary energetic feedback as earlier explained. Take a look at my reviews to gauge other clinents reactions to their on-line treatments.


What can Systematic Kinesiology help?

Whilst not exhaustive the following list shows you symptoms that have caused others to seek a holistic solution through Systematic Kinesiology balancing: 

Structural Issues

Back problems

Frozen shoulder

Hip, neck, Knee pain


Jaw pain

Joint Pain

Digestive Problems





Flatulence and heartburn

Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Hiatus hernia

Body weight issues


Allergies and Sensitivities

Food Sensitivities

Heavy metal toxicity

Parasitic infection



Skin Disorders




Hives & other rashes

Dry sensitive skin and dandruff

Emotional Issues


Emotional stress

Emotional Trauma


Goal setting

Mood Swings



Hormonal Issues

Pre-Menstrual syndrome

Painful periods


Symptoms of menopause

Loss of libido

Prostate health

Pre-natal care

Thyroid issues

Adrenal issues

General Health


Breast pain and congestion

Colds and Flu





Lack of concentration

Learning difficulties

Lowered immune response


Post Viral Syndrome

Sleep problems