This began in 1999 when I failed to recover fully from an unexpected bout of pleurisy. I overcame the virus but the accompanying symptoms remained. My body failed me spectacularly. I felt like an aged person living inside my relatively young self. The Medical Profession’s only advice was to simply rest which was about all I could manage but with 2 young children & a career on hold this was not a long term option.


Then a good friend invited me to a “Pamper” fund raising night at her children’s school which was pivotal, as it was there I found Reflexology. I didn’t at first realise that the 15 minute taster treatment I received was responsible for the epiphany I experienced but that evening all my symptoms melted away & I felt normal again & continued to do so for the next day or so. It was truly a “light bulb moment” when I realised that there was a Therapy out there that could help me. Prior to this my tunnel vision had only ever led me to my GP if I was ill.


After a few more treatments with each becoming more profound in effect than the last, I decided to learn this wonderful Therapy to self help & then my path guided me in the direction of helping others who were also struggling with well being and unable to find an orthodox solution. I have now been practising Reflexology for over 16 years since qualifying in 2002 under the tutelage of Louise & Michael Keat at The Central London School of Reflexology under the accreditation of The Association of Reflexologists.


After my personal almost miraculous experience with Reflexology I had never since experienced another Therapy that compared I was however very curious to observe that a close colleague would turn to her Kinesiologist rather than her GP as a first port of call for any health issues. Then in September 2016 at a Trade Fair at Olympia with this colleague, we found ourselves drawn towards the Kinesiology stall which was advertising free taster training days. It was here that I met my first Tutor the charismatic Vanessa O’Sullivan who encouraged us to sign up for a Foundation Course with The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology (TASK) This was my first step into what was to become my second epiphany.


To my amazement I found that Kinesiology offered a whole “Tool Box” of techniques that not only identified in what priority the different imbalances should be corrected but also what protocols should be applied to action this & whether sufficient work had been done to achieve balance. So rather than the blanket approach of Reflexology which treats the whole body in each treatment to achieve homeostasis, Kinesiology offers a specific, accurate, dynamic treatment which targets the root cause of the symptoms to accomplish wellness.  


For me personally this enabled me to understand why structurally I had always felt I supported my body rather than the other way around, as physically what others found easy I sometimes found impossible. The reason for this I discovered as my training progressed, was that whether due to physical or emotional stresses, muscles can switch themselves off which causes inferior muscles to compensate, consequently not as effectively & I found I had many major muscles which were not doing the job they were supposed to but through the wonderful techniques offered by Kinesiology it was relatively simple to switch them back on. The outcome of this was physically, actions I had always found structurally difficult, became effortless! Another epiphany had occurred.


Following my Foundation course with Vanessa I was compelled to learn more & started my Practitioner course with TASK (The Academy of Systematic Kinesiologists) in September 2017 under the tutelage of the prestigious Clare Muller (whose father Brian Butler was responsible for introducing Systematic Kinesiology to the UK in 1975) from which I qualified in May 2018. I am now a member of The Kinesiology Association.


I hope this précis of my journey will encourage you to take steps to achieve balanced health through either relaxing therapeutic Reflexology treatments or the powerful effects of Kinesiology as we all deserve natural vitality!